Continental phone card

The Continental phone card is one of the few phone cards on the market that offer a great variety of handy and useful features, high quality connection with excellent connectivity and clear voice quality. Then it is necessary to mention the low calling rates provided by the Continental phone cards for many destinations. In addition to this, the Continental does not charge you for connection and has no maintenance fee either.

Continental calling cards offers beneficial services

Although from the first sight the Continental phone card may seem to be quite an ordinary prepaid calling card, in fact you will not find any other card online that offers such convenient services as the Continental calling card. Among them is the function PC-to-Phone enabling you to place phone calls from your computer to wherever you want.

Another handy function of the Continental calling cards accessible from anywhere in the world is WEB-Call. It gives you the opportunity to connect any two phones in the world with the help of your computer. The benefits of WEB-call are obvious: better rates than those of regular calling cards, no PIN needed to place a call, an easy to use phone book and others.

One more convenient service the provides is SMS-Call. This function of the card helps you to get connected with your destination number from anywhere anytime. Some of the advantages of the SMS-Call service are worldwide availability and extremely low rates.

SMS-Refill is a wonderful feature of the Continental that provides a great opportunity to add minutes to your card when you have no Internet connection. You must have your cell phone registered in My Account. Then you just need to send an SMS "Add 10" when you need to add $10 to your card. Refilling has never been that easy and quick before.

The Continental telephone card also offers such opportunities as Prepaid Conferencing Solution, Click-to-Call function, Personal USA Toll Free Number and Call USA Toll-Free Numbers From Overseas. All of them make your long distance calls still more convenient and enjoyable.

The only thing we would like you to notice is that the Continental cannot be used to make calls within one state. For such calls please use some other of our telephone cards.